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Outfits like Low Shotz and Ambush Anonymous have their shit together so I don't see a reason why you can't. That being said though the commitment (especially since we're dealing with minors here) has to be there and consistent (probably not worth it for most people, and for me definitely not worth it based on my opinion and world view).

I don't agree with them having them in the first place but what can you really do now? I'd say on a trial basis have minors attend and say that a parent/legal guardian must be present at all times while playing at least in a spectator area or the safe zone (you're not a daycare and don't have police clearance either so it's to cover your ass). As well as enacting a policy of waivers (which although they don't really hold too much water is something that you can show to a jury if shit hits the fan).

Also if they prove to be mature and whatnot then it's good times but enact a zero tolerance policy period on safety issues (2 strikes I would say) as well as not welcoming people who prove to be douchebags and/or safety issues waiting to happen.
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