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okay everyone can STFU now.

Some infractions handed out... maybe more to come.

Threads like this make me think there are new rules needed, but no matter how many rules there are you can never cover every possible angle. So I think a better solution will just be suspending/revoking AVs for people who can't use them in a responsible, mature way: 18+ isn't just age on paper, it's mental age too.

Just to clarify... You CAN sell for someone else, but you become responsible for that sale. So yes, in this case the responsibility for the sale's smooth and trouble-free outcome rests on Kimbo's shoulders. He sold for someone else? Really? I don't see someone else's account, I see his. Full stop.

As for Matt... whatever worry or case you may have had initially, your stellarly shitty attitude has robbed it of every last ounce of credibility it may have had. Stop posting now, go sit in the fucking corner and reflect on what lessons you've learned here.

Some of you people piss me off beyond belief, and that's just not where you wanna be going.
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