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Originally Posted by NaM-Carter,Matt View Post
Totally thought I was king. :|

Sorry for being a pain I never meant to come off as pissed I was relaxed in the first part of this but you guys really know how to aggravate a person. I Didn't think you guys would take this the way you did like holy balls. I was asking you in the first place what are my options. As to what should I sent in a PM or find a way to get a hold of you like Jesus Christ... I feel bad for all these people commenting, must be embarrassing.
The first thing I do when I ask for an item on the boards is:


Hey _____,

I'm interested in your ______ posted in the classifieds. I can emt you the funds immediately to the total of $___.__ (if shipping is included).

My Address is:

____ ____
10_____, APT ____
Toronto, ON,

If you would like to make the deal, could you provide your mailing address, phone number, email and real name?



Over the next correspondences, get a mailing date and assurance that they will PM the tracking number the same day, or next after they ship the package. If it is an expensive item and you would like to add insurance to it (CanadaPost), offer it, don't be cheap. Insure the item for it's worth, or more, if you want to provide the coin.

Doing it this way leaves very little room for error, unless of course they are out to scam you and lie about everything. Very few people are this way, most people are honest and just have a tendency to miscommunicate.

Better luck next time.

Also, drop the attitude, it gets you nowhere and causes most people to just ignore your situation and let you hang.

r skal rsa, s er annars vill
f ea fjr hafa. Sjaldan liggjandi lfur
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