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Originally Posted by NaM-Carter,Matt View Post
Totally thought I was king. :|

Sorry for being a pain I never meant to come off as pissed I was relaxed in the first part of this but you guys really know how to aggravate a person. I Didn't think you guys would take this the way you did like holy balls. I was asking you in the first place what are my options. As to what should I sent in a PM or find a way to get a hold of you like Jesus Christ... I feel bad for all these people commenting, must be embarrassing.
You got some real balls apologizing in the first sentence, then insulting the users on the last considering your attitude thus far.

If you had done your own damn research, You would see answers to your questions in STICKIES in the classifieds and even in the FAQ's.

Your "Your cordially invited to shut the fuck up" avatar in addition to your topic title, posts and the thumbs down thread pic, just shows the kind of attitude you have. You also slandered the name of a long time member of the board with good trade history.

If I were you. I would be more embarassed about your own posts.

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