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I do agree that you WERE relax when you started this thread but then you just started to whine and bitch with all the suggestions. People on here do want to help you but you do need to listen. Yes it does really suck when your money is gone and you have no idea if you're gonna get your stuff or not. I've been there and waited a month for a silencer adapter. Next time just be patient and wait for the response. There's no need to be calling members this and that. Hope everything does work out for you man.

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Totally thought I was king. :|

Sorry for being a pain I never meant to come off as pissed I was relaxed in the first part of this but you guys really know how to aggravate a person. I Didn't think you guys would take this the way you did like holy balls. I was asking you in the first place what are my options. As to what should I sent in a PM or find a way to get a hold of you like Jesus Christ... I feel bad for all these people commenting, must be embarrassing.
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