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Originally Posted by TaroBear View Post
When exactly is the right time to complain anyway? Like, everyone always says "oh, yeah, these people have lives outside of ASC". And now I'm waiting on a dude who I sent money to last week, told me he'd send it on Friday, then told me Saturday. I PM'd him Sunday afternoon, and he didn't respond, although I can clearly see he's been on ASC at least twice now without responding to my PMs. Granted, I'm not worried yet, but I always wonder whenever I see these threads when the appropriate time to complain is.
Good Question..

and the answer is NEVER ... unless it become a trade dispute and the agreement is breached.

Protect yourself.. get full information about the person you are trading with , and call them to discuss the deal ..

make an agreement regarding payment and shipping date. and then confirm it by e-mail.

If you are comfortable at that point , send the money , and then shut the fuck up and wait .. If you don't have a tracking number 2 days after the agreed shipping date.

Send an e-mail requesting the tracking number . A day after that if nothing.. then Call and ask for the tracking number.
2 days after that , if nothing , send an e-mail requesting your money back as at that point the seller is in breach of your agreement.

If you do not immediately receive a tracking number indicating the item is shipped ( and check and make sure it's not a bogus # ) or a refund..

call the police as you have just been scammed

Once you have called the police , then post on here the issue with the seller .. stating that the police have been called , and leave negative feedback indicating that the seller breached your agreement and scammed you.

Doing anything else is akin to pissing into a headwind... you will get pissed on
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