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Normally if you put 2 people together for a deal you assume that once their correspondence has started and money has changed hand via email, the intermediary is no longer needed. You would assume that if there were any further questions, the buyer would just email the Not make a thread about 'having no options available, someone please help me!' I've done hundreds and hundreds of purchases online, some with businesses and some privately all with varying degrees of communication. If I've ever had a question I open a dialog and wait a few days.

Granted, I should have probably checked back on the whole thing earlier, but wow...what's wrong with email.

FYI if you emailed the guy he'd have told you that it was shipped out 2 day shipping on Thursday, so you should have it today. Tomorrow at the latest. Less than a week to get your package, and everyone on ASC has to read how you got ripped off.

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