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Originally Posted by Jsofter View Post
If you want people on your side watch your language. Ive noticed that the people who cant write a decent note and be polite are the ones who complain the most, who seem the least patient and always start unnessasary threads and shame the name of good people because you've jumped to conclusion about a situation. You never know, something could have happened in his family and he was not able to communicate with you. it doesnt matter if it only takes 5 minutes, that may be 5 minutes he may not have.

This thread you've created is about a business matter. You named it wtf? and slipped the f bomb numerous times. That doesnt sound very mature to me. If this were between a certified retailer and yourself, talking the way you are is not going to help you accomplish what you want.

Be patient, be polite.

You'll get where your going with greater ease.
I never jumped to any conclusions, what you have to say is completely useless. You're not even AV'd

*Edit* And what the **** do you mean want people to take my side? Are you retarded I have no side I just asked what my options were. And for the record I am a VERY patient and polite person just ask Him in the PM's Its internet morons thinkin' they know shit that irritates me.
Originally Posted by mcguyver
"Don't take weapons training from a book. It ranks right up there with people who think they know guns from watching a Chris Costa video."

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