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Thanks for the replies. greatly appreciated.
I just had a pistol mag that went on me. luckily, the guy i bought the game from was nice enough to exchange the magazine for me. it was for my KWA colt 1911.

i just bought that gun last Thursday. today when i was filling gas, the gas was just sparying everywhere. i took a look at the o-ring and it looked out of place. i immediately called the guy i bought the bun from and he exchanged the mag.

my concern now is,
1)am i doing something wrong to the mag? i use propane and add drops of silicone oil to the adaptor for the propane tank i bought. (it's a plastic adaptor which is less damaging to the magazine i was told)
2) i always leave a little bit of gas in the magazine when i store
3) i also put a drop of silicone oil in the magazine where i fill the gas

was i doing something wrong or just a faulty magazine?

btw, i got a little trigger happy when i bought the gun and probably fired 200-300 bbs

many people have recommended white lithium grease to lube metal/metal parts. i was also told to look for products that does not contain petroleum

i could not find anything (lubricants) at canadian tire that did not contain petroleum.
so i bought (just to try) a graphite lubricant (it's a powder)
because 1)it does not contain petroleum 2)it said for use on metal, rubber, wood, plastic, firearms, toys, electronics, etc. etc....
so i am thinking that it would be ok for all the metal parts and all...

just wondering if anyone else uses graphite lubricant. if so, what are your thoughts?
i did test it out of one of the guns. what i found is that its less messy than spray or cream....its a powder so i take a q-tip and dap some on parts..
the only thing i found is that it's not as slick as say, WD40...

umm...anybody know of a white lithium grease that does not contain petroleum??

Thanks again
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