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Diabolic I've looked into it and there's some requirements to have "full black" guns. "Two tone" anyone can use (at least 50% of the gun must be in a non gun colour including but not limited to: UN Blue, Hot Pink, Safety Yellow, Blaze Orange, Neon Green, Red etc. (ie. can't use brown, tan, green, or "chrome"/silver/stainless steel))). Not too sure about clear though but I assume it satisfies a non gun colour since clear isn't really used by any gun manufacturer.

Also you have to register with either the UKARA or have a "site membership" elsewhere (ie. a local *legitimate* field with insurance coverage who can vet for you playing at least 3 times every 2 months (not sure about the "down season" though when it's too cold to play)). Supposedly with the VCRA though the airsoft community is supposed to be "self-regulating" and that's where the UKARA and site/field memberships fall in.
Its not just the Airsoft thing that makes me want to live in the UK, its the club scene, the music, the women, and the architecture/culture/landscape, always admired the UK and Ireland.
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