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LabZero Tactical Gear Reviews

Hey Guys.. just a few independent video reviews on tactical-gear to share with you all.

HSGI-Woosatch, Taco Magpouch

YouTube - HSGI (High Speed Gear) Woosatch-E Plate Carrier/ Taco Mag-pouch

CP-Gear's Modular Fighting Order Carrier Rig.. also known as the MoFOCR

YouTube - Tactical Vest Review (CPGear MoFOCR)

CPGear CF TacVest Mod (M-Pak and Triple Mag Shingle)

YouTube - C.F. Tactical-Vest Mod (CP Gear M-Pak and Triple Mag Shingle)

Original Swat Tactical Footwear

YouTube - Original Swat Boots

Please feel free to comment, ask questions. More videos to follow, in the coming Fall season.

Thanks for watching.

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