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Originally Posted by Space Bot View Post
My pet peeve has to be how supportive my dad is about me joining the great sport of Airsoft. (Yes I'm 18, just waiting on my BC ID then I get to be verified)
Considering I just graduated High School, my jobs junk with racist bosses who don't want to give me any shifts, is it that bad to ask my dad who has never given me anything for a little extra money? I didn't think so.
Instead he tells me if I like Airsoft so much, I should just go and join the army, then I could play with the real deal, followed by him hanging up on me...

Besides that, 16 year old kids showing up to the field, and having their parents buy them $700-800 Airsoft rifles. Only thing that comes to mind is "FFFFFFUUUUU"
Airsoft is an expensive hobby and sometimes people (like myself) who cannot allocate the funds readily to enjoy it must accept that they will have to get creative.

Enjoy any time on the field you can get and don't worry about what the other guy has.

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