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Interesting. Not consistent with our testing but I am not one to deny another person's experience. If I may ask, what weight were using and what is your airsoft gun that you tested with?
0.25 Airsoft Elite/MetalTech White, and 0.25 BBBastard White.

Im useing a upgraded M4 with a S110 + 404mm 6.04 TB.

At my max range the AE/MT hit my target constancy where I found that the BBB's Flu off to right, left, up, down, all over the place, Then I swaped back to AE/MT and im back on taget, But this is at the end of my BB's travile. I also tryed a members AK with higher fps with similar results.

The only other BB's I had this all over the place affect at the end of the BB's travile was "Matrix" brand BB's.

Hope this make's sence, I have Truble explaining things online.

The BBB,s came from BB's Supply well over a year ago. He mite have records of exact date. Maybe BBB's quality has improved since then.

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