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You need to be an importer with the correct documentation.. unless you have those everything will be seized and you'll be put on a watch list for any future imports. if you don't know what documentation you need then that means you're not.

meaning that every import in your name gets stopped and cleared by hand (meaning 2-3 weeks for shipping for any future items, legal or not)

bear in mind that airsoft retailers will likely be on a watch list (why would a government just let illegal goods into the country when they can just keep a list of retailers that send illegal items?)

the long and short, you will (at some point) be caught and then the RCMP will be knocking and you will loose everything in that shipment and you will NOT be able to get ANY of your money back. No retailer will give you your money back and while some may claim to get items across the border, you'll see in the small print that *WHEN* it gets taken, you get $000.00 back from your order..
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