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Originally Posted by airsoftNL View Post
i know you can only buy clear guns from the united states but by the looks of it ,it seems like it doesnt matter anymore

ive seen alot of websites from canada selling full medal and full black guns

( is the law changed for canada?)

(or is the law the same?)

(and why arnt the rcmp invalved? if they are why are they not doing anything about it(there NOT aloud having them!!):banghead:

and im thinking about ordering from the united states but i dont know if they will let the black guns through?

please help id like to know if the law is changed thanks

Do not try to import from the US, the guns will be seized. The law in Canada has not changed regarding airsoft. What has changed is that certain importers have a better understanding of the law and are legally importing airsoft into Canada. I suggest you get av'd as there is a huge thread about this. Until you get av I won't go into anymore detail except to say that it may still be advantageous to support your locals retailers.
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