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Originally Posted by redzaku View Post
good you still remember, but you're off the target, im now 16,
now i'm researching everything before i turn 18 so i don't screw everything up, like i did when i was younger, so forgive me for trolling when i first joined i had a really bad experience at doing stuff before researching (or asking) what is what.
lol yes you are oh so much more older and wiser now
when was this last post? a month ago? so you're 1 month older now lol

As AP said, if you get to the field early, talk to people, often people have stuff they're trying to get rid of and you might find yourself a real good bargain etc.

A butterfly training knife is fucking lame, if you have a real one, practice at home with it, but leave it at home when you go to do airsoft.

and no I won't forgive you for trolling, I remember all the little self entitled shits that come through here and will be the first one to point them out when people start to forget.
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