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Well my biggest pet peeve is not calling your hits. Drop kick my gun, piss on my grandpas grave, and profess how "ur so awshum" at airsoft. But dear oh lord, if you don't call your hits I'm getting my Tanaka L96 out and popping a cap in your ass(literally). I don't care if I do get banned. I play to have fun. Not to watch my BBs bounce off of you.

Another pet peeve is how some people take it way too serious. It's airsoft. Not Real Life.
If you can't play for shit, it doesn't matter your gear and guns. Some people give me dirty looks if I don't have a tac vest or a BDU on. Unless it's a milsim(which I do get the gear for) I'll wear whatever I want.

And little kids running around with pistols or shotguns. This isn't CoD, so it isn't going to work.
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