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weapon maintenance

Hi Guys,

new to airsoft. I own a WE SCAR gbbr, KJW glock 23 and a KWA colt 1911A1
I have a few questions on gun maintenance and I want do this right and take good care of my guns.

1) how often am I to perform maintenance? after how many bb's. the retailer i bought the gun from said that i actually never have to do any maintenance on GBB if i don't want to, he said it doesn't really make a difference. unlike real guns, the stress is all in the magazine not the components...but i'm thinking differently....

2) what are some products i can use to oil up the gun? I live in TO and spoke to some of the retailers, nobody carries products for gun maintenance (gun grease etc.) someone, mentioned that i could use WD40, but i hear bad things about WD40 that can damage the gun (is this true?) what is it with WD40 that damages the gun so i can be aware of this in other products

i have a friend that uses motor oil to oil up his guns. but these are for his pellet rifles (.177 lead) and i don't know if it can be applied to airsoft guns as well

since i can't find gun grease made for airsoft guns, is there any other products out there that anyone can recommend? something that i can pick up from walmart, cdn tire, etc??

3) what do i need to do?
unfortunately i've lost the manuals for the KJW glock (but i don't think there was any discussion abour maintenance, the WE SCAR manual, nothing on maintenance, the KWA colt...umm it's in japanese.haha....the pictures so something though...

1. gas in magazine
-the only thing i am doing right now is keeping gas in my magazines. i bought the KJW glock a while ago and always emptied out the gas after i was finished. the magazine started to leak and was not fixable. so i bought a new magazine.
the SCAR and 1911 are brand new, and I keep all magazines with some gas now

off the top of my head, i'm thinking......
2. grease the metal parts that slide
3. oil the spring?
4. i need to do anything with the magazine? i know someone mentioned o-rings (what's that?)
5. clean the barrel (is this necessary)
5. any other suggestions?



PS...i've been watching some videos on youtube etc and the video in this forum about gun maintenance...i just wanted some more input. thanks again
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