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Originally Posted by Sentry View Post
Certainly it takes years of experience before you can really get a realistic mental concept of what will work and won't work. As well, you need to work up to a complicated scenario. Many of the more complicated but successful milsim series of games started much more simply in their infancy. Also, Listen to the guys with experience (postcount means nothing) and learn to accept criticism no matter how you feel personally on the matter. Don't alienate the people giving you criticism because you think they're wrong.. if they have the experience to back up their opinion it's probably a well founded one.

Don't give up though. I've played airsoft for close to 7 years now and i'm just hosting my first game this weekend. You have an awesome field and using that property for airsoft would be of great benefit to airsoft in Ontario, and as a sport nationally.

Andrew, you have a very ambitious project and you are on the right track except the road will be a long one before you can host your first Milsim. Some ASC members may sound rude at first; but, their tips and advice are most likely to be right (So far, you have handled criticism well - keep it up )

The field looks very nice indeed and if your event is well organized, players will show up. In the mean time, feel free to ask questions and talk to game hosts, their experience with logistic and setting up event rules will help you greatly in setting your own event.

You could also volunteer to help an experienced host set up one of his events (volunteers are always welcome ); this way, you could learn what makes a successful event from an experienced host.

Once you will be aged verified, you should attend events of various types (MILSIM, SKIRMISH, etc.) to see what rules work in the field and which one looks good on paper but can lead to monumental cluster f*&k when applied in game (For instance, medic rules are especially susceptible to this) before hosting your first event. By attending events, you will establish your reputation as a player which will help you get attendance to your event.

Hopefully, you should be able to host your first event in a few years.
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