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Thumbs up Zeta-Lab RPG-7 Review (56k Friendly)

Hello fellows, this is it! I got this baby yesterday before supper, took only one day to ship from Hong Kong (mind you I moved to Taiwan to work last summer from sweet-o Vancouver). So if they were to ship to Canada I'm not sure how long it would take (or if it's even legal). The box when I got it, already tore it open a little:


What's inside: RPG-7 launcher, and a missile

King Arms BB clear speed loader

Russian style optical sight mount (the Chinese one is already installed):

Chinese optical sight rail mount

and a BB firing shell (which makes the RPG shoot BBs and not missiles)

I'm surprised that besides the cushions and newspaper no box was inside... the box! The specs (or manual, if you can call it that) is printed out and taped on package, to show the Taiwanese customs that it's an Airsoft item and not a firearm and/or cannot be modified to fire live rounds.

Now about my baby, this thing is heavy, 5.1 kg unloaded without telescope sight (real steel 6.3 kg unloaded, with PGO-7 telescope sight). And I heard from a fellow collector (he too owns this and also the Russian Mania Workshop RPG-7B) that Zeta-Lab's version is superior than RMW's, because RMW's version is made of aluminum while this one is identical to the material used in a real Russian RPG. Did I mention it weights a ton! I had it on my shoulder for two minutes and got sore already, because the grips don't do much besides firing and the whole weight is solely distributed on my shoulder.

Close up

Beautiful wood

Another side

Armed with iron sights


That's all fellows, will do a fire report if anyone's interested. Cheers!
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