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Originally Posted by m102404 View Post
- airsoft, fair or not, is highly reputationally based. If you prove out to have a good rep, then you'll end up with a large player pool and strong attendance. Cluster f*ck, and you'll be hard pressed to ever shake off the taint.
- Many airsoft guys are cheap when it comes to actually playing. They'll spend hundreds and thousands of dollars on guns, gear, kit....but will bitch and whine if the game fee is more than $25 and they don't get food cooked for them and drinks. Can't figure that out myself...but it's true for many. On the other hand...there are a good number of guys who will pay much more than that and travel significant distances to join in for a solid game filled with good shooters.
That is some really good advice right there too.

I am also curious to know the size of the property.
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