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Originally Posted by GunslingerQc View Post
Tactical vest wont help u shoot at others. Even if its a crappy Pulse R76, from Canadian Tire, if u are well placed, know to shoot, u can be good and having fun.
Now, I have that 'crappy R76'. I did buy it from Canadian Tire, too. But, I'm 14, it's my first gun, and I like it. I'm not here to argue with you about it, just figured I'd agree with you that, really, no matter what gun you have, if you can shoot, you can win.

Also, OP, that was an awesome rant.

And, I have a budget of exactly $20 most of the year, so my R76 is my only one.

Unrelated note: Are there ANY non-age restricted games near Toronto?? Seriously.
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