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I agree with Brian here guys. Sure there are some adults that are irresponsible with finances and running in the red but this isn't really the place for that.


ICS is fine and for $400 you can expect to get a pretty decent gun (used of course) or buy the ICS since that is a solid brand. Toss in another $100 for other random gear and borrow a bit of gear from other players for a few games till you get some more money and you're golden.

As for the trying to get out and meeting an AV rep (and giving some gas money for the trouble), it's a really nice gesture to pay for the gas money and I'm sure you'll fit in nicely in your local airsoft scene. Also, for now just keep your head low (also check out some of the newbies in the newbie tank and how they feel they're entitled to this or that and how the world owes them for being here (usually a once every few weeks spectacle with "hot" times being just when school is out and around the start of school as well)) and check out the FAQ's which answer a lot.
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