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maintenance i can do my self or with dad just buy the parts at the auto store up the road and i cant get insurance if i dont have a car which i dont have yet and im also looking for another job but this bloody recession is f**king annoying

Actually, you can't have a car if you don't have insurance, so you can scratch that idea. It is illegal in canada to have a vehicle without insurance -- even if it's just sitting in yoru driveway doing nothing it must have a plate and be insured.

Also, this is airsoft... if you can't get to the AV'er how are you going to get to the FIELDS? You go into town once or twice a year, which mean you will play what, every fourth time you're in town if it happens to be the right day?

Buy a cheap car, 500-1000, you'll pay easily that much or double for insurance a year. So you've now spent $3000 and want to go play airsoft... Welcome to $400 for your gun, $50-150 for your outfit, $30-150 for your vest, $50-100 for magazines, $30 for a sling, $10 per game for BB's and $10-40 a game for field fees... Then you need to pay for gas.

It's a process and takes time, just like everything else. People are impatient and want to rush into things... Get your car, or start airsoft. Figure out which one has the HIGHER priority, and then do them in order.
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