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Listen to Lt.

- get out to some games. I cannot think of a single host who won't take a willing volunteer who's ready to help with ears/eyes open. There's plenty of logistics and getting to kick off on time is always hectic. This would be a huge fast track to figuring things out.

- get to a variety of games...solid mil-sims are kind of far and few between but they're there. Some games are just paintball-like speed ball skirmishes, others are more just free-for-all skirmishes, some are more tactics/planning.

- since you're underaged and this property isn't yours...involve your Grandfather/Father. Get them to meet some of the other hosts and see the game. You're going to need their buy in and blessing anyways...and you do not have the authority to speak on their behalf for insurance/etc....

- keep the game ideas/etc...going, but get out to various games to see what works specifically for airsoft. Medics, respawns, wounding, capture, ammo caps, etc... There are some things that work great...and others that can make a game just plain silly.

- airsoft, fair or not, is highly reputationally based. If you prove out to have a good rep, then you'll end up with a large player pool and strong attendance. Cluster f*ck, and you'll be hard pressed to ever shake off the taint.
- Many airsoft guys are cheap when it comes to actually playing. They'll spend hundreds and thousands of dollars on guns, gear, kit....but will bitch and whine if the game fee is more than $25 and they don't get food cooked for them and drinks. Can't figure that out myself...but it's true for many. On the other hand...there are a good number of guys who will pay much more than that and travel significant distances to join in for a solid game filled with good shooters.

Get out to some games, meet/greet the'll develop from there if it's going to happen.

Best of pics, looks great.
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