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Originally Posted by sgtshilliday View Post
would be nice if we had another age verifier in nova scotia down in the annapolis county/kings county area would be better for people who dont get in to the city or have no transportation like me but im working on getting a car just will take one or 2 more pay checks and then insurance will take alot but i wanna get age verified and be able get a decent gun or 2 so i can go airsofting with the guys from Nova Scotia Airsoft at there field
Yes it would be nice, however there are not ALOT of players in NS to begin with.

The question I always ask people in your situation, are you going to be a Player? or a Collector? Because if you intend to attend games, you are going to have to drive to them anyways, best to make the drive to a game, meet the players, get age verified, and go from there.
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