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Yes, now it cuts off a bit at the sides, also there are a few more trees now, as the picture is a wee bit out of date. It cuts off where there is that large farmer field like area to the right, and also to the left you can see a line that goes down from top to bottom. Past that is not ours either, but it is still a big chunk of land. My dad and grandpa own a small construction and gravel business so this is where they get their gravel and sand. EDIT*It's sort of hard to get a feel for what it looks like exactly from that picture, so I am going to go up there tomorrow and take some pictures with a digital camera. Like I said before we don't own all of the land pictured, it does cut off at the sides and if a game were to be held tape would need to be put up for boundaries because when you are out there it's hard to tell if you are off property or not.

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