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I give you, Milsim! (A conseptual event)

Before reading the title seems it may be misleading for some people. I know milsim has been around forever and events like this are hosted all the time, this was just an idea I thought could be fun.

*UPDATE* There are some pictures of the field in question on page 2.

Ok so I was sitting around thinking of an idea for a fun big milsim event that we could have here in Canada. Anyway in my free time I play a game called Project Reality, and in it there is a gametype called "Insurgency Mode" Basically the rules are, the "Soldier team" has to seek and destroy weapons caches that are hidden around the map, and being defended by the "Insurgent team". This got me thinking, why not airsoft?

I wrote up these rules in about 15 minutes, so they are not bound in stone by anymeans, any suggestions are appreciated. Here they are:
Operation Insurgency.pdf

However, here is the best part. I have the perfect place in mind where it could be played, besides the fact that it is not a real airsoft field or paintball field, just a private property that is owned by my Grandfather and my Dad for their business. It's wayyy away from civilization and its actually gigantic. I will be posting some pictures of the property tomorrow. It has a good mixture of forresty areas, open fields, and also sand dunes etc.

Anyway it would be alot of work to host this game, sure, but imagine the pure epicness of how much fun it would be. Anyway, tell me what you think.

EDIT**I need to include that this is just and IDEA. I don't have any plans on actually hosting it. This was just meant as an idea for maybe something that could be hosted down the line or by someone else.

I also understand that there is other big milsim games etc etc, I know and I do browse the events section waiting for the day I will be old enough to attend myself (;P).

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