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Super V system is really good for short barrel weapon with high recoil / rate of fire and short range like the Kriss... even though the demonstration on TDI website is full of crap when they fire UMP. I fired both, I never felt enough recoil on an UMP to be pushed back like that... or get such elevation.
And the barrel is much smaller than an MP7 one (for SMG). It's even smaller than a Colt 1911 one.

On a bulpup rifle I wanted to put that into my assault rifle (I'm on the third prototype) but when I ran the simulation on the computer I found it pretty annoying :

- Behind the trigger : makes the stock going down and actually adding to the recoil... like basic physics would tell and not exactly what I was looking for

- Between hand : brutaly changes the balance of forces and in the end is more tiring on the arms than a standard design where all the recoil is going in your chest/shoulder (depending if you know how to handle a gun or being a BWD kikoolol).

I just removed that entirely in the end.

I'll make an airsoft version when I'll come up with a definitive version
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