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Originally Posted by darkorpse View Post
I'm glad to see people have had a positive experience with this retailer but I feel that it is the exception to the rule. On multiple occasions AS-C has lied about shipping products, and attempted to cover their tracks with statements such as:
"Sorry for no tracking number is provided
since we send item with standard airmail
in Hong Kong Post"
While shipping it a day or two later, and giving a tracking number through hong kong post.

My personal experience with them, has them not shipping for over 8 days, though to be fair it was shipping on the 5th business day since my order was placed: two days after I complained that it had not been shipped in the "2-3 days" their site says it will take.

Shipment still pending: Will update upon arrival to say if everything was there/how long it took. I know a number of people have had issues with 1-3 items being missing, but AS-C has blamed customs for "losing" the items during inspection.


IF YOUR ORDER STILL SAYS PROCESSING SEND THEM AN EMAIL AS THIS MEANS THAT THEY HAVE -*NOT*- SHIPPED IT. I had this issue, and the status updated a day later (even if they claimed it had been sent three days prior...)
ive already sent them 2 emails and each time they tell me either they will ship it that day, or in the 2nd email they said it had already shipped, yet still processing on the my account page on the site :/

so i just dont get what else i should be writing them in the email to get them to ship it, threaten to complain to paypal or something? or wait out the 14 days patiently and then complain?

either way im pretty disappointed so far for their lack of shipping out the product, especially for the shipping rates that they charge :S
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