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I'm glad to see people have had a positive experience with this retailer but I feel that it is the exception to the rule. On multiple occasions AS-C has lied about shipping products, and attempted to cover their tracks with statements such as:
"Sorry for no tracking number is provided
since we send item with standard airmail
in Hong Kong Post"
While shipping it a day or two later, and giving a tracking number through hong kong post.

My personal experience with them, has them not shipping for over 8 days, though to be fair it was shipping on the 5th business day since my order was placed: two days after I complained that it had not been shipped in the "2-3 days" their site says it will take.

--Shipment still pending: Will update upon arrival to say if everything was there/how long it took. I know a number of people have had issues with 1-3 items --being missing, but AS-C has blamed customs for "losing" the items during inspection.

Shipment has arrived: Out of the 6 things I ordered, 5 did come through. I recieved my two slings, fore-grip, tact-vest, and water bladder, but my multi-cam BDU did not come in the box. Attempting to re-contact AS-C to see if they will ship without additional cost: Clearly they didn't double check my order. I also did not recieve the customary country flag.


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mine still says processing and im still hoping it would arrive by end of this week so i can have the stuff for the game on saturday :/

*fingers crossed*
IF YOUR ORDER STILL SAYS PROCESSING SEND THEM AN EMAIL AS THIS MEANS THAT THEY HAVE -*NOT*- SHIPPED IT. I had this issue, and the status updated a day later (even if they claimed it had been sent three days prior...)

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