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i also ordered from them, put in order on the 18th of august, and paid right away with paypal, sent email just asking roughly when it would be shipped and where i would find my tracking number, was replied to saying they recieved my payment on august 18th and would be shipping it out that very day and that i would receive a tracking number, this being august 19th hong kong time, order still said processing and no tracking number after the weekend, so i emailed them again on monday the 23rd, and got a reply stating ...


We sent out the item to the following address on 23 Aug 2010

*my address here*

shipment usually takes 7-14working days

Sorry for no tracking number is provided
since we send item with standard airmail
in Hong Kong Post


so now ive already been lied to once about when it shipped, and now im not even sure if the package actually was shipped out to me or not, especially since it still says processing on my account and that i have no tracking number. for paying like $40 in shipping i think its ridiculous that i dont have a tracking number.

now im just not sure whether to wait it out and see if it does come in the 14 days or so, or bcuz it still says processing on my account if i have to bug them some more by email so that they actually would ship it out.
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