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retailer: bad reviews?

Hello there ASC,

I'm still only recently AV'd and learning the site layout. I was wondering where/how I would put up a review of an ASC featured retailer.

I made a purchase recently from and have had nothing but problems with them, even if it looks like my package may actually be on time again. I was lied to about the shipping date (and have the email saved from the 18th that says everything was shipped on the 16th...when nothing was shipped until the day after I recieved the email --which was a responce to me askign why I was waiting 4+ business days for them to throw some stuff in a box)

Still pending delivery, so I can't say for sure yet wether they're as poorly managed as they seem, but I've heard a couple of other complaints from people in the area as well (ottawa) and feel everyone needs to know what they're getting into when ordering from this place.
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