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Dont wait. Report him right away.
The more you wait, the harder it gets.

I do think however that you should have worded your PM's to him differently.
"Demanding" compensation without attempting to amicably resolve the issue would most likely accomplish little more than pissing him off.
It is quite possible that he was unware of the issues (Though highly improbable). I would have just stated what your findings were, and allowed him to try to come up with a solution, before negotiating a solution. Only after failing to negotiate, I would insist on either a refund (with return of the gun) or compensation of the damaged parts.

telling him hes a "textbook" bad seller and accusing him of being a "scammer" is not really a great way to get anywhere in any negotiation of any shape or form. Your comment about him never being able to sell his other guns due to threats with negative feedback (Justified or not) wouldnt help either.

I hope you get this resolved, and while I do agree that you should be compensated and that the seller is in the wrong regards to his handling of the issue and his retaliatory feedback, I think you should have approached this in a very different manner. If I was the seller and someone approached me in that fashion. Chances are, I wouldnt be too motivated to help you.

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