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Originally Posted by 88dechmustang View Post
so explain how selling MAC laptop that is worth 600.00 in ok condition and i sold mine for 250 thats in USED condition not new not even perfect, never stated that....its @250.00

When a AIRSOFT gun goes for a thosand and some guy sells the same thing for 200 does he have to explain every single thing no....ull just buy it.....
linching is bruttal on this site
I asked you to disclose the condition
& anything wrong with it, you simply
said you don't abuse your stuff. I'm
pretty sure most people would take
that to mean it's in fine condition, so
no need to describe anything. Claiming
it was adult used, is one thing, then
telling me it was your kids part time
toy is another. It's also nice to let
people know when you've tampered
with the the insides, why did you open
it up in the first place? That's the kind
of thing people should know before
they buy. $250 sounds like a good deal,
until you factor in all the headaches,
TIME and extra cash I'll have to put in,
just to get the book to a decent state.

An old beatup Macbook from 2007 is
hardly worth anywhere near $600.
The newest unibody Macbook sells
for $1050 on That includes
the perfect more powerful machine,
a working disc drive, functioning
battery, software discs, warrantee,
and a clean drive not a password
protected junk heap.

When I'm done buying a battery
and replacing the drive I could
have bought a better complete
Macbook package off Kiji for the
same money, or simply one in
need of a battery but in far better
condition and better specs:

There were a couple going for $400
a few weeks ago, but of course they
sold quickly.

I am sorry to hear you lost your
job, so I won't be asking for any
help from you with costs to repair
this machine. And remember I did
offer to return the item at my
shipping cost. You could have done
the right thing and avoided all this.
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