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so explain how selling MAC laptop that is worth 600.00 in ok condition and i sold mine for 250 thats in USED condition not new not even perfect, never stated that....its @250.00

When a AIRSOFT gun goes for a thosand and some guy sells the same thing for 200 does he have to explain every single thing no....ull just buy it.....
linching is bruttal on this site
many people have stepped up here to say the items they, or people they know have received from you arent usually what was described as far as condition wise, and not only that you said the laptop was fine, no problems and Light damage, guy has to replace the optical drive and the battery cause someone jammed a disc in there, not to mention he didnt get the original OS CD.Many people have also called you a douchebag, and I can see why now. Also you skimped on the pics after the guy asked, very clearly for detailed pictures, you didnt even so much as touch that subject, your lies are like a 5 year olds, or when you go to trade something for cash at a young age, "yeah its fine see its cool (Hype it up a bit)" , then you sell it then before you know it someone is dissatisfied because it wasnt what was described and you then refuse to give a refund cause you already did the transaction. Your acting like a child man.

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