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I got burned by this son-of-a bit once before and I kept my mouth shut thinking it was an isolated incident = WRONG!
Tell you what mister 88dechmustang, time for you to go pound some sand!

Is it too late to leave a negative trader rating on this guy?
I purchased a Maruzen P99 off the guy last year and he claimed it was in 'collectors' condition and that it function/fired just prior to the sale...when it arrived the gun would not fire/cycle at all and the mag leaked! I demanded my money back but he only offered to have his 'gun doctor' fix it! I declined his offer and requested a compensation payment for repairs, which he did eventually come up with almost 2 months later...this guy is a shady character and I DO NOT recommend that anyone purchase a damn thing from the man!

why dont u put down the puchace price u paid for the gun
neg feed back un deserved i gave u money back because u were not happy.

And in responce to k town -Jason ur good buddy charges out the ying yang for repairing guns--i have helped out alot of people on these forums and in kelowna....... Comment.not justified

i also have purchaced an ass lkoad of items off people - money right away no screwing around -IE bob the angry ? he ripped a ton of people off for money...again mentioning him and me in the same sentence not even close

Broken wings - leaves me neg feed back never sold him a single friggin thing

wow if u read my last responce to Safx i said ill see what i can do...LOST MY FRIGGIN JOB>>>>>>>>>i dont leavem hangin....ill try to give a repyment for the drive.........mac books are 1500 bucks 250 sold to him????????????????
Kevorkian_ it was not 2 months u ass just checked my bank records so get your story correct before u guys try stiring crap
go pound some sand

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