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Originally Posted by L473ncy View Post
Yep it's true Diabolic gets respect in my books because of that exact reason. He doesn't need to be spoonfed and respectfully reads, learns and doesn't talk smack.

PS: Thanh, you can setup an AV date with a verifier so that it falls on your birthday and the info is exchanged then and there. Basically as I understand it you have to be 18 at the time the info is submitted. If you AV rep is on top of things you could potentially go a week before your birthday and they'll take your info down and then make a note to submit a week later when you turn 18. For me I actually ended up getting AV'ed shortly after my 18th birthday because of conflicting schedules with the AV rep, but I did try and schedule it as close as possible though.
Yeah thats true, it makes sense if he was 17 turning 18. but the kid openly admitted in being 15...

you could be 38 year old chirsofter whos to lazy to get AV'd, or a liittle 13 year old shit that sucking up to those with expirence (not me, I am 15 and waiting to get AV'd) either way, your opinion dosen't matter (this is based on you joining 3 years ago)
This could mean he is waiting 3 years to be Aved, but kinda funny thing to say.

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