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Thanks for the support, and I do
know part of the problem is that
I went forward with the deal after
not getting the pics or answers I
requested, So I take some of the
responsibility. Usually ASC is a
safe place to trade/buy due to
the trader rep and community

That shipping address is my work.
Come stalk me there if you like,
has a nice park across the street

After deciding to keep the laptop
last night, I took all the screws
out of the sides, in an attempt to
remove the optical drive, found
there are some holes without
screws under the battery so I
believe there's been attempts to
take it apart already. That would
explain the roughed edge of the
keyboard plate, a flathead seems
to have been used to pry.

After lifting the keyboard on one
side I could see why the drive
wasn't letting in a disc, not cause
there's one stuck but because
the slot was blocked by plastic
tabs. These tabs usually face up
to soft-lock the keyboard plate,
but 2 of them had been moved,
or put back in the wrong way.
So the drive is now working
after a couple hours of fiddling.

I was intending to buy a mac
mini to run music and a poker
timer in my living room, this ol'
beater will suffice.

Edit: well I've spend the past
few hours trying to mount an
OS install disc, barley mounts
a Snow Leopard disc, won't start
from it though.. Leopard disc
won't even read, just spits out...
this drive is shite. The former
user left everything password
protected. Time to get a firewire
cable and link it to my tower.
The fun goes on and on!
Retired Freedom 35

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