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Being 15, I'm going to assume you're just building a kitlist of what you want for a first gun. A GBBR isn't the best choice for a first gun, you're better off with an AEG. Just throwing it out there, I know you didn't ask what a good starter will be.

If you want a decent RIS, go with an Element Midwest MCTAR-17. I've heard a wacky story a contractor actually using one on his real steel AR, and being an owner of one(and several other Element products) myself, They're by FAR better quality than anything DBoys. It might require some filing(mine did for my GR16), but it's probably the toughest piece on my gun.

Good luck finding one though, a few of the online retailers are sold out of them, and mine was the last one in stock from EBAirsoft.
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Did he not pay his ASC bill this month?
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