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Originally Posted by who101
thats strange it appears that you not AV'd either
you could be 38 year old chirsofter whos to lazy to get AV'd, or a liittle 13 year old shit that sucking up to those with expirence (not me, I am 15 and waiting to get AV'd) either way, your opinion dosen't matter (this is based on you joining 3 years ago)

and did you see that I litterly explained that I have "googled it" and obvisly did not find what I was looking for
1) If your 15 (as your post stated before you edited it), you wont get age verified. You need to be 18+
2) Going around calling people "old lazy chairsofters" or "little underaged shits" is not going to get you anywhere.
3) So far your attitude stinks. Deleting quickly what you wrote isnt going to change what we saw.

With that attitude, I dont care if your 50. I would refuse to verify you.

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