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Originally Posted by who101 View Post
thats strange it appears that you not AV'd either
you could be 38 year old chirsofter whos to lazy to get AV'd, or a liittle 13 year old shit that sucking up to those with expirence (not me, I am 15 and waiting to get AV'd) either way, your opinion dosen't matter (this is based on you joining 3 years ago)

and did you see that I litterly explained that I have "googled it" and obvisly did not find what I was looking for
Now you see, I was just about to post where you should go poke your head to find what you need, but your snarky attitude shot that.

Firstly: Im a chairsofter for the most part because im not 18, but nor am I 13, but I am older than you, and Ive spent my time on here reading about peoples problems with AEGs, GBB's and more recently GBBR's so I know what to expect, ive made friends with people who are AV'd and that own GBBRs and ive helped look for parts. So in other words ive done my research and spent my time learning the ropes before diving head first into a shit storm. Now you see by you saying I NEED TO KNOW FOR THE TIRD TIME IS THIS PAR WILL FIT MY WETTI M4, it shows your immature and need to be spoon fed, I used google and found an answer and an alternative to your problem. But because of your little asshole attitude you can kiss my ass now.

Originally Posted by who101 View Post
well what ever part works really
No. Not whatever part works. READ THE FAQS, AND USE GOOGLE. And you wonder why no one tried to help you.

And a final note, you wonder why the most host's dont allow underage members to play? Its because of the shit you just pulled, what you as an underager does, leaves a label/print on the rest of us.

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