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Originally Posted by who101 View Post
This my third time asking the same question. "How do you know if this part fits?". I want to put a DBoys M4 RIS Kit on a WETTI M4 GBBR will the DBoys M4 RIS kit fit on my WE M4 GBBR? If not which brand makes a suitable RIS kit for my M4 GBBR?

P.S. trust me I have looked around and can not figure it out
My note: Apparently not hard enough, I found a solution with google, quit being so fucking lazy. Also your welcome for fixing your spelling and grammar mistakes.
How do you know if a par fits? Well did you finish all 18 holes?

Good luck having someone help you on here, ASC is against non Age Verified (18+) members find parts or AEGs or GBB(R)S, etc. Use google and LOOK and you shall recieve.
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