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What secret? There's a very long and in-depth description in the AV Section of my findings, available for anyone with AV'd status to see and use.

You're the one who's putting forth an alternate legal position that makes no sense, therefore, you are intentionally concealing your actual importation model OR someone's sleeping on the government job big time.

Which begs the question, in terms of methodology and statutory basis, how are you getting guns into the country? It seems to me like you're the one with a hot new secret.
Ok Ive skimmed and poked my way around the thread, I have a general idea of how Saint got the guns he did/does in country, not too hard as long as your willing to put up a fight and make a argument, and a potentially long one at that. And as far as Chix Airsoft goes, etc, its a all too familiar trick, while it is True and tested, its not exactly as angelic as it sounds, from what ive gathered and put together through poking my head around their site and others is simple. Chix airsoft is located in Halifax NS, general knowledge? Yes. And from my own curiosity I clicked a link to their artist that does all their banners deviant art page, I found what looked like a simple leaflet poster that you would find on a electrical poll or something just kinda left in a shop. Interesting I thought, and I went back to chix airsoft and was looking at pics of the M1911 GBB and I found a Cyber gun label on the box, (Yes I already know its a cheap rebrand of most WELL/WE/[Insert cheap chinese brand here] ) made a small mental note of it and I remember seeing a site in the US that usually sold/rebranded most Cybergun products but I couldnt remember the name.

Now back to the leaflet, I googled Army Navy Surplus store halifax NS, and bam, first link is the store whose advertisement I was just looking at. I flick through their airsoft page and bam, our suppliers: PALCO SPORTS, Spartan arms, and CA. Well theres one thing confirmed I now know the supplier. And oh my what is this? You sell and buy real firearms too? Wouldnt that require a.... Business Firearms License? Oh I do believe so. And if memory serves correct, that same license also allows you to legally import Airsoft guns, however it is highly illegal to sell them to the general public/act as a middle man. And common sense dictates that you, Halifax airsoft being in the same area,with the Army surplus store who has the Business gun license, its quite clear where you get your guns from. So in short with around 15 minutes of poking my head around I managed to find the supplier of both the guns, and then the importer. I believe someone else did this earlier and was arrested.... Peter Kang I believe? And with the recent arrest of a local airsoft player regarding importation and selling these guns, I would tread lightly, and try to cover my footsteps next time.


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