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Originally Posted by Kid View Post
He's aware that he wasn't supposed to import it...

He had them labeled as toy parts.

He's aware of the risk of seizure that he took.... time to let it die... either they'll come or they won't.
Whatever the shipper decides to declare the product(s) as is irrelevant. People have to realize that while customs may appear to do some stupid things, they are definitely not stupid. Customs is very, very well aware of what companies like Redwolf sell.

Thinking that having "Toy Parts" on the customs declaration (whether you ask for it or the shipped does it on their own) in an effort to, ahem, "assist" their successful shipment is like sitting in front of a five year old, stuffing your face with cotton candy and telling him it's fiberglass insulation so you don't have to share.

It difference between the two is the five year old will throw a tantrum and steal your shit later, CBSA have the ability and the authority to fuck your life up at minimum if you import stuff. If you have to go across the border after being red flagged, you could be sitting there waiting to get back in for a very long time if they so desire.
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