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hahah, dont mean to laugh but im in the same boat, im hoping to play the saturday FR game and i figured i would get my stuff cuz of all the ppl saying they got their package in like 8 days, but seeing as how its moving so slow now i kinda doubt it

i had even emailed them just to make sure theyre on top of things, just asked how long b4 the package is shipped and if i will get a tracking number...i got this reply...

Since we received your payment on 18 Aug 2010
we send out the item today
we will infrom you tracking number later

yet still no tracking number and still says processing on the site

lol, thats at least better than where i ordered my vest from, i also emailed them at the same time and still no reply :/ i had put that order in a day b4 the airsoft-club order and still says processing

i think i might still go play the FR game though, looks like itll be fun, ill just have to use my ghetto home made duct tape tac vest

sure wuld be nice to get my packages though :/
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