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Seems like others have had bad deals with 88 before where the item description did not match items received.

Originally Posted by the professional
Ordered a G&G gr16 from this guy, it arrived in a box that looked like it had been beaten with a stick, and had holes you could drive a truck through. As a result, some of the hardwear (mounting screw for the butt) was missing. Forgot to send extra parts he had said were included with the deal. forgot to mention that the cocking handle was not attached to the gun. When confronted about this, he said he'd get the parts and send them to me. it's been nearly six months, he hasn't sent anything. I will not be buying from this guy again.
Originally Posted by mitchie
Items recieved NOT as described in the thread (There's no way this is "like new" and "never fielded" when you need to take apart the entire thing to clean off the dirt and there's a bunch of scratches). Only reason why it's not negative is because I still think the item is worth what I paid for it.
His replies seem very defensive towards you for no reason and has dodged about every question you asked about the condition classifieds.

His privileges on this board should be revoked.

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