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I just got an AGM M4 GBB in a trade and I am not at all familiar with GBBR's

I am more an AEG person but decided to go for this to try it out...

here is what is has in it so far

NPAS is in the nozzle, and that's new.
It works fine with the system, but you have to use a screwdriver to adjust it.

The charging handle was dremmeled to make it fit, but it's prime, and works fine by the prev owner...

It Needs a Hammer... (original Broke)
I was thinking of this one from Ehobby


I am also looking for a new stock pipe for this one
here is what I was thinking of

I have also heard that the Hop should be changed so I was looking at this one

question is will all these parts work good or can you recommend other parts if these will not work...

the stock I was thinking about using was from an old AEG that I had. it does not house a battery in the stock so is very solid will it work over the pipe I was looking at...

I was also looking at this part for the Recoil spring

anywho I am looking to upgrade to make this a truly viable gun...

I read this thread and all seems good but my big question is

if looking at Ehobby if it will fit the WA will it fit this gun...

anyone have additional parts lists that work with this gun

thanks much

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