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ASC Deal Gone Sour

Well, I've been burned for the first time,
buying on ASC, and since the seller is
being less than cooperative I thought it
best to leverage community opinion.

I will re-list the Macbook tonite, after
I take pictures and write an accurate
condition report, in case the seller
doesn't change his stance.

Back Story:

I get a pm from 88dechmustang,
offering to sell me his used mac
mini and or macbook. Makes
sense since I posted a wanted
thread for a mac mini.

I was interested in the laptop
since it was new enough to run
the apps I need, the g4 mini is
too old, I need Intel processors.
So I begin the process of asking
about the specs, because the
stuff that was original listed was
slightly incorrect.

Here begins the PM trail:

The big mistake, on my part:

To be fair the Macbook was being sold
at a low cost but once you factor in the
cost to replace/service an optical drive
and a dead battery, items on Kijiji are a
better bet. Not to mention, the outer shell
is heavily scratched, and dinged all over.
Underside appears to have a few surface
splits or minor cracks, and is discoloured
from dirt. The inside frame has dings, the
screen has a scuff in the center and some
kind of colour damage to part of the
bottom center. All ports and openings on
the shell are a little roughed. Nothing
else included but a dirty power cable. I've
since given it a wipe down, so it will look
much better in my pics to come than it
did when I first got it.
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