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Originally Posted by multitech View Post
I've ordered allot of stuff form Ehobby and I've always received in 15 -25 days after ordering. Never once used express shipping, figured it would be a waste and only save 1 or two days. If I get my item sooner than 15 days (it did happen once ) I was ecstatic!
I've almost always chosen to opt for express if its a courier option.

Although its more expensive my shipping times from certain retailers are as follows:

WGC Shop : 3 Business days
Ehobby Asia: 4-5 Business days

This includes customs clearance. I've actually found this is where the advantage lies as EMS packages inbound from Hong Kong Generally average 6 hours to clear through the CBSA where as lower priority packages can take days and in some cases weeks.

I expect the fact that I live in Toronto helps also as I've never had a package take more then 24 hours to arrive once its cleared.

This entire situation seems odd as I've done so much business with them in the past: however it seems to be a disturbing trend in their business ethics of late... my past 3 orders have been handled more and more poorly until this.

And now I'm done with them... WGC shop it is from now on I guess, those guys are like customer service ninja's.
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